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About the museum

Dikyamac Village (Kamparna)  Museum of Lifestyle - Arhavi/Artvin

Dikyamaç (Kamparna) Village Museum of Lifestyle is the first and the only lifestyle museum where original objects illimunate the past of the Dikyamaç Village and its surroundings. Museum exhibition includes several objects, tools, materials and handicrafts about traditional lifestyle which were routinely used at local houses.

The museum is situated in the center of Dikyamaç Village and only 14 km far away from Arhavi for the visitors who are on the road of Mençuna Waterfall and 5 km far away from Old Twin vaulted Bridge (Çifte Köprü).

Museum includes all aspects of the traditional life from past to present. Handicrafts at traditional local houses, interesting materials and tools of daily use and etc. Museum also owns traditional costumes and is considered to support and include touristic potentional of the region because it is very important destination and the haunt point of both domestic and foreign tourists.


Dikyamaç Village is the oldest settlement of Arhavi and also one of the main rainfall villages of Turkey. The village once was called as Kamparona (Kampara field: Elderberry plantation area) and then the name was simplified and referred to “Kamparna”. Although the details about village’s concrete background is not known in detail, it is known to be one of the three villages which are called as “orçi”. Unfortunately the dates which are defined in an old language (as 1215 in Islamic Calendar and 1800 in Gregorian Calendar) cannot reflect the certain history of the village. Big cubic potteries were found which are dated before Ottoman Period and this discovery makes village’s history date to 1400s AD and it also indicates village’s 500 or 600 years past. Dikyamaç Village Mosque was established in 1894. In addition to that vaulted bridges near to village are also backdated to 400 year ago.

  • How to get there?

    Dikyamaç Village Lifestyle Museum takes approximately 23 minutes (around 14 km) from Arhavi, Kavak, Konaklı, Kemer Köprü and Güneşli Villages root. Visitors can also use the way from Arhavi, Kavak, Çifte Köprü and Ortacalar Village (17 km, 30 mins) to arrive the museum. Visitors can use the same way to return or can do the ing on the way.
    Museum is open everyday between 10:00- 17:00 and the museum entrance is free.

  • What is in the museum?

    Local people of Dikyamaç Village of neighbours were interested in the museum and donated hundreds of precious ethnographical artifacts to there. Samples of the ethnographical artifacts which were donated to the museum are Cradle (onçeli), Terracota round tray (pileki), Coal iron, snowshoe (Hedik, Leken), Wooden Tank (Sarğa), Wooden Measure Kits (Orsai), Handicraft Tools, Oven’s Chain (Keremuli), Ladles (Kopa), Traps (Kapanlar), Copper Containers, Sieves, Oil Lamps, Baskets (Tikina), Chairs (Orzo), Little Baskets (Ğençkeli), Handmill (Karmete), Hammersmith’s bellow (Körük), Stonecutter’s Packsaddle (Semer), Turkish Yard (Arşın) and Long Baskets (Gudeli). There are several interpretation units about traditional lifestyle at the museums. Museum yard provides a wide recreation side and visitors can watch the traditional dibek (mortar) and Skarmangana (a kind of toll which is used for firing the wild animals). On the other side there are several charts which indicate the family trees of local villagers. That’s why the witnesses of the past an today at the museum can predict the future.

  • How was it made?

    Museum building was used as a school including two classrooms. Then building was restored and was transformed into a museum building. The first part of the building was considered not ready and efficent to be opened as a museum in 2012 so, the second part and leisure center were constructed. Naim Özkazanç who was also born in Dikyamaç Village is the founder of the museum and supported the whole process of construction and restoration.


  • Artvin’s first and only museum opened

    Arhavi connected to the Dikyamac villiage,lifestyle museum was opened by businesman Nam Özkazanc. Artvin governor Necmettin Kalkan opened the museum.The celebration,there was an interest from domestic and foreign.During raiy weather,the opening was great enthusiasm Artvin’s the first and ony museum was destired to Arhavi Dikyamac villiage.

  • The museum annex ceremony was held

    Last year, construction was completed and is the subject of traditional life,crafts and local people of the exhibition of equipment tools they have at home,the ceremony fort the construction of additional building of Arhavi’s were conducted.

  • Lifestyle museum annex opening done

    Artvin’s first and only museum in the villiage of Dikyamac lifestyle museum annex building was inaugrated.Naim özkazanc and prof. Dr. Maksut coşkun conducted by the museum,the opening of an additional building attended hasan ongu,uğur bayraktutan,Muhammet önder,coşkun hekşmoğlu and idris Numanoğlu and many citizens.


"You came with love"

The museum is situated in the center of Dikyamaç Village and only 14 km far away from Arhavi for the visitors who are on the road of Mençuna Waterfall and 5 km far away from Old Twin vaulted Bridge (Çifte Köprü).